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Charity Concert for Armenia

Charity Concert for Armenia 
organised by
Armenian Cultural Association of Basel 

Project aimed towards the preservation of nature.

26 September 2021, at 17:00
Centre Arménien de Genève 
Place d'Arménie, 2-4 
1256 Troinex - Genève - Suisse 
(Rondeau de Carouge: bus 45)

Prize-Winners of international competitions :
Khachik Matevosyan (vocal) 
Rafayel Ter-Sahakyan (violin) 
Azat Fishyan (violin) 
Tigran Hakhumyan (viola) 
Tigran Muradyan (cello)
Bach, Schubert, Elgar, Komitas, Khachaturyan and others 

All participants of the concert will take part on a voluntary basis and all funds collected from the concert will be spent on the above mentioned cause.

Free entry: collection 

Please notice, that the event will take place under the new measures and ordinances for Coronavirus of Federal Council. Detailed information: https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/krankheiten/ausbrueche-epidemien-pandemien/aktuelle-ausbrueche-epidemien/novel-cov/massnahmen-des-bundes.html

For donations 

Account-No.: 33 -277830.40K 
IBAN: CH51 0023 3233 2778 3040 K 
Owner: Armenian Cultural Association of Basel 

BAF Association will also participate in financing the project* through selling its products at the event.

* The project is aimed towards the preservation of nature, helping the volunteers in Armenia who are looking after our forests. This addresses the serious problem of CO2 production as well as the security of our country. Many tree poachers cut tall and aged trees to make a profit of selling them. Usually, forest poachers target hardly accessible mountainous areas, which are very difficult for authorities to access without special equipment. We plan to support volunteers who are cooperating with local nature preservation organisations and provide special means of transport and equipment to help them in their hard work of cleaning the forests as well as discovering tree poachers and impeding further destruction of our forests. 

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