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Come to Armenia and spend 2 weeks with the children of Spitak region.

Come to Armenia and spend 2 weeks with the children of Spitak region.

16 July  to   2  August 2021 

The International Volunteer Center (IVC), in Spitak – Armenia, is offering the possibilities and the opportunity for the Armenian community in Geneva, neighboring France, youth, friends,  and individuals, willing to participate, contribute and offer their know how and knowledge to the local community, during coming several conducted Summer Camp, which will start  Friday, July 16 to August 2nd. 2021.

Volunteers will work with the local children of Spitak, and the adjacent villages.

The participants collectively, will prepare their agenda with the local supervisors. Example; Morning exercise, educational subjects, creative activities, prayer, singing, dancing etc.

The daily activities will start at 10: 00 hr. and finish at 16:00 hr. 

The Center will provide, snacks and lunch.  Fund raising by the committee will help in the ongoing expenses.

The participating volunteers, will stay at IVC center in Spitak for no lodging charge.  They will participate in daily food cost, utilities (elect, water and Gaz) and personal transportation (Airline ticket, transport in Armenia).  

For registration and more info, please contact :
Mr. Vasken Melkonian : + 33 6 37 14 86 43 - Spitak.camp@gmail.com
 Mr. Armen Adamyan (Armenia); Tel: 374 55245504

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