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Western Armenian online course for beginners.

The Programme of Armenian Studies is delighted to announce its new initiative:

Beginners' Online Course in
Western Armenian

Course description
This is the first of three cycles of meetings intended to lay the foundations of the Western Armenian language.

During this first cycle, participants will familiarise themselves with the Armenian alphabet using a method devised by the Programme of Armenian Studies. Each week a group of letters will be introduced with relevant exercises. Over ten weeks participants will learn the alphabet and take their first steps in speaking, and will also become familiar with the different parts of speech as they learn to read.
The course will be run by Dr Krikor Moskofian along with another experienced assistant teacher. This will help the smooth running of the course. Hearing the language as spoken by two native speakers will further enhance the listening abilities of the participants.
Course expectations
At the end of the first cycle the participants will be able to read fluently and be able to form simple sentences.
Date and time:
Start date: 25 March 2021
Day and time: Thursdays 6.30 PM (UK time)
Duration of the class: 1 hour 15 minutes
Duration of the course: 10 weeks
Frequency of the meetings: Once a week 
Price: £150
For any queries, please contact Dr Krikor Moskofian at k.moskofian@progarmstud.org.uk

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