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Virtual roundtable: "Karabakh Conflict: Lessons for Diplomacy"

Karabakh Conflict: Lessons for Diplomacy

Thursday 18 February 2021  16:00 UTC+01 to 17:30 UTC+01

On 18 February, Webster University Geneva's MENA Center for Peace and Development is hosting a virtual roundtable "Karabakh Conflict: Lessons for Diplomacy" with outstanding experts Micheline Calmy-Rey, Dr. Laurence Broers and Dr. Vicken Cheterian.

Click below for all the details of the events, the registration form and the Zoom link.
The “Second Karabakh War” began on September 27, 2020 and lasted for 44 days until it was ended on  November 10 by the signing of a Russian mediated cease-fire agreement. 

The Karabakh question emerged as an ethno-territorial conflict in 1988, in the final years of the Soviet Union. It produced a violent war from 1991-94 between two neighboring, newly independent states :  Armenia and Azerbaijan. For over two-decades, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) had played the role of mediator since the cease-fire of May 1994, to find a political, non-violent solution to the conflict. 
However,  a new geopolitical reality has recently emerged since the end of the “Second Karabakh War” war, whereby The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the European Union, and the USA are playing a more diminished role, while Turkey has increased its influence and Russia has emerged as guarantor of stability and chief mediator between the parties in conflict.  

Webster University’s MENA Center for Peace and Development and Department of International Relations are jointly organizing this timely panel discussion with three outstanding experts to discuss how post-war diplomatic dynamics could develop, followed by Q & A. 
This online event is open to the public who are warmly welcomed, but registration is mandatory. 

Please click here to register.

Introductory remarks:
Dr. Clementina Acedo, Director General Webster University Geneva

Micheline Calmy-Rey: Invited Professor at the University of Geneva, twice President of the Swiss Confederation (2007, 2011), Member of the Swiss Federal Council (2003-2011) in charge of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.
Dr. Laurence Broers, South Caucasus Programme Director, Conciliation Resources, and Associate Fellow at the Russia & Eurasia Programme, Chatham House.
Dr. Vicken Cheterian, Department of International Relations at Webster University Geneva, lecturer at the University of Geneva
Dr. Leila Alieva,  Affiliate of REES, Oxford School for Global and Area Studies (OSGA), Dial-In Information

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