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Article dans newSpecial: "Memories and treasures at the parc Trembley"

Memories and treasures at the parc Trembley
par Alfred De Zayas
paru dans NewSpecial.org , avril-mai 2020 , pp. 26-27
le magazine du personnel des organisations internationales basées à Genève

(...) We who work in the United Nations should realize that this memorial is necessary and that it deserves greater visibility. The City of Geneva should install a proper plaque providing an explanation of the significance of the monument. Indeed, it would be useful to have information points at each entrance to the park, highlighting the history of the memorial and giving electronic links to useful sites that elucidate the historical events.

The University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute could conduct legal and historical seminars on all genocides, including the Shoah, the genocides against the Armenians, Greeks of Pontos, the Chaldeo-Assyrians6,  against the indigenous of North and South America, in particular the Amerindios of Brazil7, the Mapuche of Argentina and Chile, the Yazidis of Iraq and other minorities.

Geneva is a city of refuge and human rights, headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The “Streetlights of Memory” in the Parc Trembley invite us to make the link between the Armenian tragedy a century ago and today’s humanitarian catastrophes, how to prevent them, how to assist the victims and their families. (...)



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