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GENEVA PEACE WEEK-Conference:Genocide and writing the History of the Middle East.

Genocide and Writing the History of the Middle East

Thursday 08 November 2018, 13:00 - 14:15
Palais des Nations, Geneva - Room XIII - GENEVA PEACE WEEK

Speakers: Vicken Cheterian and Oreste Foppiani

Organized by ARS Switzerland & ARS, Inc and Webster University Geneva

The first modern Genocide took place during the First World War in the Ottoman Empire, when the authorities deported and massacred its Christian populations: Armenians, Assyrians and Anatolian Greeks. While the facts were well known to the major powers, and while survivors documented the atrocities, this dark history was soon forgotten. While in the last two decades there has been major research efforts and the history of mass violence is well established in Genocide and Holocaust Studies, and Ottoman Studies, it remains absent from historical narratives of the modern history of the Middle East. Vicken Cheterian will takle the following question: What is the price of such oblivion, and how the modern history of the Middle East should be rehabilitated?

In the second part, Oreste Foppiani will talk about the "Entente Powers' Mediterranean Interests and the USA in the Aftermath of WWI".


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