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"One, Two, Three..."Film on Armenia’s only elderly dance troupe

It's never too late for an encore!

“One…two…three, one…two…three, one…two…three,” Armenia’s only elderly dance troupe, practices for their latest performance. But, more than just learning the steps to a new dance, they are learning that you can never be too old to turn it all around; that even in the twilight of your life you can love, dream, and find wonder in the world!

Mikhail (80) collects garbage from streets yet dances… Mariam (58) is just out of mental hospital yet dances… Anahit (64) puts flowers on the graves of her lost eight kids yet dances. They are all ‘The Chosen Ones’, a group of fifteen elderly and lonely people who dance to overcome their hardships and find a sense of meaning and joy in their lives once more.

Thursday 5 July 2018, 7 PM

Pelikanstrasse 40, 8001 Zürich

Film director: Arman Yeritsyan
Length: 74'
Language: Armenian, Russian with English subtitle


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